• Education is not preparation for life; education is life itself. ~John Dewey

About Us

Spokane Area Retired Educators Assoc. Officers 2019-2020

President - Brad Beal
Vice-President - Bill Marvin
Secretary - Marilyn Richards
Treasurer/Budget – Kathy Beal

Spokane Area Retired Educators Assoc. Executive Committee 2019-20

Budget- Kathy Beal
Community Service – Mini grants - Jan McFarland
Courtesy - Dixie Eggleston
Directory Editor - Pauline Eggleston
Foundation – John Young
Foundation – Carol McGurk
Health and Insurance Serv. - Carol Hayes
Historian - Marilyn Richards
Legislation - Kathy Albi
Legislation - John Albi
Legislation - Pat Anderson
Luncheon Coordinators - Charlotte Schelling
Membership – Cookie Billups, Pam Francis, Dixie Eggleston, Harriet Plucker
Necrology – Dixie Eggleston & Marcia Magnuson
Newsletter – Kathy Braid
Out Reach - Jeff Hunter
Parliamentarian - Jeff Hunter
Program – Brad Beal
Retirement - John Young
Scholarship -Les Francis


Representative - Les Francis
E7 Coordinator - Don Kackman


The “idea” for a retired teachers’ organization in Spokane began in 1939. The Spokane Retired Teachers Association became official in October of 1945, with twenty-six members. The Spokane group was one of the four founding members of the Washington State Retired Teachers Association in 1946 (Now called the Washington State School Retirees Association). Today SAREA has over 1000 members in our local unit.

The Association offers a way to keep in touch with old co-workers and acquaintances and an opportunity to make new friends. We hold five General Meetings throughout the year. See Calendar/Events of this website. Three of the meetings are luncheons. We have four elected positions, President, Vice-president, Secretary and Treasurer. The board also includes about twenty committee chairs or special positions.

The membership meetings and luncheons include community speakers, influential leaders in education and trend setters. These speakers keep us up to date on what’s happening in the community and education. Our luncheons also include entertainment from local schools offering a venue for local students to showcase their talents. (We have had Fine Arts displays, dancing, singing, bands and solo instrumentalists)

The Association has a Legislation Committee that works with the state legislative committee to promote the welfare of all school retirees through direct contact with elected officials letting them know our wants and needs. Each legislative session our committee members make personal contact with each of our area legislators at least twice. We do not endorse or financially support any individual candidates.

We offer Mini grants annually to active teachers in our area (Spokane County). Applications are now available on our website with grants of up to $200 each (22 were given last year).

Each spring, we also offer scholarships to area High School seniors interested in becoming an educator. These are ways we help financially support future teachers and students currently active in education. See Scholarships and Grants.

We also help fund our Spokane Area Retired Educators Foundation. The Foundation’s primary purpose is to support education, civic and/or community projects, and to provide interest free loans to worthy students to continue their education. A donation is made to the Foundation from our association each time a member becomes deceased. The past two years we have also made contributions of new books, in memory of each of our deceased members, to the local schools.

The Association has sponsored a Retirement and Benefits Conference during the last 3 years, and we host a booth at Distract #81 Benefits Fair each year. We present a special Health Benefits Meeting each year as needed to explain the changes to the medical/dental programs and prices for our members.

We represent all school employees whether retired or still working, and all are welcome to join. We have administrators, cooks, custodians, bus/truck drivers, secretaries, aides, teachers and others in our organization. With your membership you receive the Journal, a magazine highlighting retiree issues and articles from the state six times a year. You also receive our local Newsletter, (See our latest issue in this website) during the months we hold meetings, and a Directory with the names, addresses and phone numbers of each of our local members. This is another way to keep in touch with old friends. Dues are only $7 per month. You don’t have to wait until retirement as we also offer “active” (those still employed) memberships and have over 100 active members currently enrolled and retired membership. See the Membership Info on this website.